Time Machine-style backups using rsync

Updated 8 hours ago

Updated 2 weeks ago

Enterprise VPN server

Updated 6 days ago

A self-hosted archiving service integrated with Internet Archive, archive.today, IPFS and beyond.

Updated 3 days ago

Self-hosted pastebin powered by Git, open-source alternative to Github Gist.

Updated 1 day ago

Download user lists including user permissions from various SaaS applications without the need for a public API

Updated 2 months ago

BrowserBox - The internet. But unrestricted. And secure. Remote browser isolation product, available here and in Pro for purchase on our website.

Updated 3 hours ago

modern full-featured open source secure mail server for low-maintenance self-hosted email

Updated 2 days ago

A nice and simple website, to explain what many people need to know about Wales!

Updated 1 month ago

Useful applications I've deployed on fly.io

Updated 4 months ago

ActivityPub relay in Rust

Updated 5 days ago

Beyond coding. We forge.

Updated 15 hours ago

Hunt down social media accounts by username across social networks

Updated 1 month ago

A Scalable, User-Friendly Source Control System.

Updated 8 hours ago

A SQLite RESTful server

Updated 3 months ago

Castopod is an open-source hosting platform made for podcasters who want engage and interact with their audience.

Updated 4 days ago