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Jed Fox 02f1fe48c6
Stop mixing platform-specific code (#1114)
Bundle sizes are unchanged but now we no longer pull in the
Electron-specific FS code on the web version
5 hours ago
.. Remove account types (#948) 3 days ago Add clear error to API when no budget is open (#1073) 5 days ago Sync more often when using the API (#1075) 1 week ago Goals: Cleanup script error (#1095) 6 days ago More Electron fixes (#1099) 5 days ago Goals: Remainder option (#1101) 3 days ago Disable “Reset sync” button when sync is disabled (#1104) 5 days ago Fix error in console when `hideFraction` pref is missing (#1105) 5 days ago 🔧 (cross-env) add missing dep and upgrade all to same version (#1106) 5 days ago BUGFIX Unused Payees: Corrected an issue where the filter control was not being referenced (#1107) 5 days ago Fix migration ID for “remove account type” migration (#1109) 1 day ago Remove 'new' OFX parser as it is too buggy (#1111) 1 day ago Stop mixing platform-specific code (#1114) 5 hours ago Add support for automatically generating release notes (#746) 3 months ago

See the Writing Good Release Notes section of the README for the documentation repo for more information on how to create a release notes file here.