FreeShow is a free and open-source presenter for anyone to use with ease.
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Kristoffer Vassbø 0188311612
v0.7.2 (#119)
* ✏ Better edit
- Mac shortcuts should now work
- Zoom in edit
- Moved chords button
- Cutting

* ⌨ Better keyboard shortcuts
- Delete/cut more with the keyboard
- Duplicate layouts
- No more pasting in body
- Overlay/template items copy/pasting

* 📦 Better ProPresenter importing
- Support for ProPresenter .pro4, .pro5 and json file import
- Select all items in edit and stage
- Select all dates in month in calendar
- Calendar selection working properly
- Midi in only shows in active show in Media tab
- Pdf text is just text
- Change current output color when just one output
- Copying slide children works better now
- Save & Quit popup keyboard shortcuts
- Tweaked Save & Quit looks

* 📚 Scripture collections
- Clock default overlay
- Start and stop timers when slide activated
- Calendar & scripture reference
- Update calendar show
- Pressing backspace inside input don't delete selected editbox

* 📖 Show multiple scripture translations
- Import FreeShow bible
- OpenLP working line breaks
- Fixed VideoPsalm import not working when having Memo key
- Import Google Slides .pptx
- Duplicating project show
- Projects context menu working properly
- No more errors when deleting Midi in actions
1 week ago
.github Dev (#107) 1 month ago
public v0.7.2 (#119) 1 week ago
scripts 📱 PWA Remote Apps! Fixed remote & stage! 1 year ago
src v0.7.2 (#119) 1 week ago
.gitignore 📱 PWA Remote Apps! Fixed remote & stage! 1 year ago
LICENSE 📄 Added GPLv3 License 1 year ago 📖 Updated README 7 months ago
jest.config.js Fixed some slide rearrange issues 7 months ago
package-lock.json v0.7.2 (#119) 1 week ago
package.json v0.7.2 (#119) 1 week ago
rollup.config.js 🕹 Presentation controller with focus circle 2 months ago
svelte.config.test.cjs Fixed some slide rearrange issues 7 months ago
tsconfig.electron.json Modifications to build & file structure - Rollup 1 year ago
tsconfig.server.json Modifications to build & file structure - Rollup 1 year ago
tsconfig.svelte.json Modifications to build & file structure - Rollup 1 year ago

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Easy and free for anyone to use anywhere!


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Short description

FreeShow is a presentation program to easily show text on a big screen, with support for stage display, remote control, media, and many more advanced features. It is open sourced meaning anyone can contribute.

I created this program because of all the programs I have tried, they was either way too expensive or unnecessarily hard to use. This can be used for free everywhere, from a small church to a big concert.

Please note that the program is still in active development


Creating such a program takes a lot of my time, so if you would like to help me continue developing this, a donation would be awesome.


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Made in Norway by Kristoffer Vassbø